My Journey

I was first introduced to muscle testing by my chiropractor that used it in his practice. Little was I to know that just a few years later I would take a muscle testing class and that I would learn and have a whole new way of maintaining health open up to me.

I studied muscle testing with Dr. Debbie Novick, DC,  in California, and subsequently sat in many of her classes that were offered later, always eager to review and to learn more. After my initial course, I was thrilled to be able to muscle test, but felt as though I had a car, knew how to drive, but didn’t have anywhere to go. I then researched, learned and studied homeopathy, taking and completing a 51 hour homeopathic practitioner training and 21 hour advanced Bach Flower Essence Training course.

After moving from California to New York, I felt that there was still more for me to learn. I took an extensive online course given by the Global Institute For Alternative Medicine and upon completing this course received my certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner and became board certified under the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

Although I now had a broader education in alternative medicine, I realized that I was drawn to energy medicine techniques. Always wanting to learn and do more, I studied chromopuncture (colorpuncture) and then started experimenting with hands-on techniques. This led me to learning about and studying Quantum-Touch® and becoming a certified Quantum-Touch® practitioner.

I still felt something was missing, however, as I didn’t have a solid emotional release technique that I was using. This led me to study The Emotional Freedom Techniques™ (EFT) and receiving a certificate of completion (EFT-ADV). Soon after, I discovered Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT®). I took TAT classes, and then personally trained with Tapas Fleming, the creator of TAT®, during the certification process.

I then heard of an amazing energy healing technique called The Emotion Code that was created and developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  I studied The Emotion Code and became a certified practitioner which then led to me learning and becoming certified in The Body Code which The Emotion Code is part of. Using The Body Code has been pivotal in my practice and has enabled me to help so many more people that I was able to before.


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