What Others Are Saying

“I contacted Shoshana about pain in my left knee and ankle which I’d had for some years and which physiotherapists and osteopaths could never entirely get rid off. I had done some research on the Body Code and phoned Shoshana prior to my first treatment and felt comfortable with her gentle and patient approach. Immediately after my first session the pain level decreased to a slight discomfort and movements whih had previoulsy caused pain were not a problem anymore. After the second session the remaining discomfort had completely gone. I had read about people’s positive experiences with the Body Code but experiencing such powerful results myself was truly amazing. I am grateful to Shoshana for helping me to release the trapped emotions that caused my pain but also for showing me how to listen to my body’s messages.” N.M. Brussels

“I just wanted to let you know that im doing really well lately, and I wanna thank you for all your help with our sessions. With much gratitude.” M.M. Brooklyn, NY

“I had several phone sessions with Shoshana and looking back I’ll say the result was nothing short of a miracle. After we worked on releasing trapped emotions, I felt lighter the following days. It is hard to describe what was gone, but my overall being felt lighter and happier. Long held emotions that caused me long time suffering now felt flat, totally flat. After we worked on dissolving the heart wall, I found myself finally ready to reach out to try dating. After we worked on my balanced vision, the imbalanced vision that bothered me for over a year went away. I am able to see comfortably. What a relief! When I first read the book Emotion Code I instinctively knew the healing method was for me. When we worked together, Shoshana listened and respected my intuitions; and the result was amazing. I felt the fact that my energy is very sensitive helped; and my not trying to understand too much with my cerebral mind but just went along with faith and trust also helped. I am full of gratitude for the well-being I attained as a result of the experience.” R.T. Needham, MA

“When I found Shoshana, I knew that I was Guided to her. I was Guided to work with her in helping myself, my body and mind, to heal , to restore itself. I also learned quite a lot from Shoshana that I continue to benefit from. I also save all email correspondence that I receive from Shoshana and keep them in a folder as these emails are full of many unique benefits that have always catered to my specific needs. During my sessions with Shoshana I experienced what I had never experienced before working with any other health, healing or other type of energy practitioner. It was actually pretty cool! I felt a very deep clearing in my entire body from the crown of my head to my feet. This deep clearing that I felt was mental, emotional and felt physically as well. I always came away from our sessions feeling lighter, as in a lightness of being. Before the sessions with Shoshana, I was quite mentally, emotionally and physically burdened, stressed, depressed and miserable. After spending time with Shoshana, I always felt so much better. Shoshana also continues to provide me with much wisdom, insight and relevant information catering to my needs. I also came to realize just how much Shoshana really cares about helping people to be well, feel better, and enjoy this life.”Meryl C. Long Island, New York

“I have always tried using various energy healing techniques that can be utilized on oneself, TAT being one. To my frustration, I never really saw much in the way of results, or felt any perceptible “shifts.” So I was a tad skeptical about doing it even with Shoshana, but I figured I’d give it a whirl. I will say this: with one possible exception (from a “lost count of” number of of attempts), the only time TAT has “worked” for me is the 3 sessions that I did with Shoshana as facilitator! Working with her, memories and/or images would rise to the surface in a way that they never did when i tried TAT on my own; more importantly, I experienced those elusive ”perceptible shifts” when working with her. My TAT sessions with her were so helpful that I don’t even remember what the issues I brought to work on are anymore, LOL!!! I love working with Shoshana and I always feel so much better at the end of our sessions. Her energetic presence is so gentle and compassionate – and she’s got a great sense of humor! – and she just ‘gets it.“ A.M. Southfield, MI

“I just wanted to tell you that I have been feeling really great and I’m sure it’s because of the work you have done on me – Thank you!!!” S.R. Far Rockaway, NY

“Like many of you, I read all the books from The Secret to The Power of Now to Change your thinking change your life, etc… I have been searching for a very long time and I have removed many emotional baggage that caused me much anxiety and stress in my 20s. At 32, there were still some lingering emotions that caused lots of limiting beliefs and on many occasions stop me from taking massive actions to take that leap towards the very best, me. I was determined to put an end to self-sabotage, distrust, and the lack of true self-love. After listening to an online interview of Dr. Bradley Nelson, a renowned holistic physician and lecturer of Emotion Code, speaking on the results of emotional energies trapped around the heart which he calls it a “Heart-Wall;” I decided that I had symptoms of this new term, “heart-wall.” The very next day, I landed at the door steps of Shoshana Michel, a Brooklyn-based Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. For a first encounter, I was made at ease right away. She offered distilled water and a comfortable chair with leg rest. Not too far from the chair is a box of tissue that I found most useful. Before we started, I asked spiritual guidance for Michel help her help me best. Using a technique called Body Talk Access, Michel confirmed that I, indeed, had a “heart-Wall.” The questions poured in but they were not invasive. I felt comfortable. Many emotions that were trapped from previous generations, like my maternal grandfather to my rocky year 2003 to peeved and jealous early 30s, all were surfaced and removed. ‘Do you need water?’ Michel asked to ensure I stay well hydrated. As the session went on, I began to feel lighter emotionally. By the end of our two-hour session, I walked out of her home office feeling better and better. My spirit was lifted and I began to have such an awareness of my oneness to all being. There was an air of great possibility that has been unveiled. The most exciting moment was when one of my limiting beliefs surfaced, while driving home that afternoon, I laughed with certainty that this belief was powerless. Now, I stand in my truth, that I am enough. All my meditations, yoga, all the books, etc… felt like seeds and my openness to trust this healing facilitator to help unleash my potential was the source of hydration. The wisdom of these books are taking roots into my and something great is sprouting. The enthusiasm that brought me to Michel’s door steps felt equally or greater when leaving her home-office. I felt that her technique worked. She hugged me. She was happy for me. I wanted to experiment with these new found reliefs. I had kept my promised to myself to keep an open mind and heart to be healed. After all, did I not want to get rid of a “Heart-Wall?” Shoshana Michel helped me do just that. THANK YOU!”. P.R. Brooklyn, NY

“I was going to have my wisdom teeth extracted, and I was very nervous and tense before the procedure. I went to Shoshana, who used some energy healing techniques on me, and although I was quite skeptical beforehand, I saw amazing results! Not only did I leave much calmer, but the whole time till the appointment I hardly thought about it, and at the dentist I was completely calm. The dentist and his assistant were so surprised at how calm I was, and they said I was the best patient of the day. I am sure that it was only because I went to Shoshana that I was able to remain as calm as I was.” S.L.Z., Brooklyn, NY

“I have worked with Shoshana on some medical issues and through her knowledge with emotional healing was able to resolve the problem without me having to use any medication. I truly believe Shoshana can help people work through emotional and physical problems with her expertise. She works with past and present issues and helps you get through obstacles that were stopping you from having a healthy mind and body. Anyone that works with Shoshana will benefit on multiple levels by learning how to accept yourself and the people and circumstances which are in your life.” C.R., Brooklyn, NY

“The most recent time I benefited from Shoshana’s gifts was over the last couple of weeks, starting about Nov. 6th, 2010. I told her about a music job I was about to have, playing jazz with my husband and his band. The previous time I played with this band caused me to experience such terror from feeling inadequate, which basically inhibited me from playing up to my ability. At that time, Shoshana, who came to my gig to give me moral support and emotional help, did tapping on me during the break between musical sets. That helped alleviate some of the terror but not all of it. This time, Shoshana just spoke to me in her special way, using her therapeutic techniques. That night at my gig, I experienced a complete break-through in my confidence and relaxation while playing. I was able to create and experiment with sound, no fear holding me back. Everyone noticed a difference in my playing.” M.R., Brooklyn, NY

“I feel a WHOLE LOT DIFFERENT. It’s amazing. I thank you. I don’t know what you did, but it worked. I’m way more positive about everything, I’m more willing to help when help is needed, even without being asked, mostly cleaning up the kitchen. I eat better, I’m more motivated, I’m more social. I’ve been working out a bit too. I enjoy the things I like to do more often. My memory is better, I play piano better, and I’m improving quite fast. I even go to bed when I should and wake up quite early. Everything is different and I enjoy my well being.” B.L., Portland, OR

“Shoshana Michel is a very gifted, talented practitioner and skillful in a way that she is able to combine modern non–evasive techniques with a Chassidic and Kabbalistic approach. I have seen friends and people who have had emotional issues that she has worked with and the techniques that she uses are highly effective and I see results. In a very short period of time people have been able to have dramatic effects on their behavioral problems and also medical issues. It is convenient that it can be done over the phone and that the results can be quick. It really does work. I have referred many of my clients to work with her in conjunction to the treatment that I do in order for them to have a wholesome approach to healing; mind, body and soul.” Miriam Yerushalmi, M.A. Psychology & Family Counseling, B.A. Psychology & Child Development, Brooklyn, NY

“Shoshana, I just wanted to update you with what’s been happening since my first appointment with you. After our first appointment I felt a sense of peace and calmness inside like I have never felt. As the days went by, the constant “buzzing” or vibration running through my veins for as long as I can remember is gone! I find that I am not reacting the same way to world around me. I used to be very high strung, tense, nervous and always fearful. That is now gone too. I sleep well and I wake up with a more positive attitude, and definitely more clarity to solve problems and handle stress. I don’t feel the same level of daily, hourly anxiety I have always had. It has dramatically reduced. I can’t tell you how thankful I am. I also now have noticed that I always had anger bubbling just under the surface of my chest and that tightness in my chest is also gone. I feel more moments of joy and happiness that I had been missing for years. The most amazing thing is that it seems to be affecting my whole household. My mother and father have been married for 55 years, they are both 81 and unfortunately their relationship had deteriorated to the point where they didn’t have very much to say to each other on a daily basis unless it was bickering. For the last two days I have watched them laughing together, talking and having coffee together — two days in a row! Thank you for freeing me from a prison of worry, fear and despair. I just want to thank you so much Shoshana, your work is life changing and I cannot wait until our next appointment.” A.I., Pemberton, NJ

“I would like to let you know that last night I was realizing how much I have grown and changed this year. I blossomed into a healthy me. I have never seen so much growth till this year. I assume its because I always had trapped emotions that were blocking me from moving on to become more outgoing, confidant, self aware. happy with who I am etc. Thank you very much for all that you have done to help me achieve all this!” M.B., Brooklyn, NY

“Shoshana has taught us some physical techniques we were not familiar with, such as stroking a bird’s energy field. This proved extremely effective with our 21-year old male Congo African Grey, Willy. We also found her knowledge of botanical and homeopathic medicine extremely useful, which we now apply on a as needed basis to both in-house parrots and many that come in for adoption.” Barry & Gayle Schwartz, Feathered Friends Parrot Adoption Services, Inc., Maspeth, NY

“I brought my seven year old daughter to see Shoshana Michel because she was having some difficulties in school. She was a bit uptight and got upset if someone touched her desk or anything on it. I teach my children to be careful with other people’s things and there was no mutual respect, so my daughter needed to learn to lighten up and to use some technique not to get so emotionally hurt by these facts. I really did not know what to expect after the treatment with Shoshana Michel. But, to my amazement and surprise the coming week was full of nice surprises. My daughter came home from school excited at how the girls are being so nice to her even her previous friends. The truth being said she actually was dealing differently with the other children’s common behaviors. Thank you so much Shoshana.” D.G. Brooklyn, NY

“Just wanted to tell you that I don’t know what you did when you did that ‘work’ for me, but I 1000% appreciate it. I’m not sure I even understand it, but the bottom line is, it sees to have worked. I’m going to attribute a portion of my motivation to whatever it is you ‘cleared’. I am exercising almost daily, right now 3 miles comfortably and some days going up to 4 miles (used to struggle with 1). Sweating is not bothering me as much as it was, and my determination to make this weight loss thing work is gung ho!! Just thought I’d let you know because I do give you credit!!!” S.S., S. Diego, CA




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